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September 17, 2011

Fishing, originally uploaded by daniademirci.

This week, we’ve been missing this view…


Jumping with the Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia

April 7, 2011

Jumping in Cappadocia with the Hot Air Balloons, originally uploaded by daniademirci.


Why I love Turkey #237: Spontaneous Singing in Restaurants

April 1, 2011

No, I don’t really have a numbered list of reasons I love Turkey, but things that randomly leave an impression on me in daily life will definitely get mentioned.

Turks love music. I’m not talking about they all keep up to date with the most up and coming artists, or go looking for obscure new bands to be able to say that “I new them first”.. I’m talking about they ALL know by heart every word of old Turkish folk music and love songs that at the instant they hear the tune, or even a word that reminds them of that song, they will begin to passionately sing with so much emotion that you wish you knew the words, so you could be a part of the depth of what you are seeing on their faces.

Some of these songs are about love found and love lost, death, poverty and joy, covering a multitude of struggles and triumphs.  This a genre of music that EVERYONE knows and loves…

I’ve been in several situations where I was in a restaurant having dinner with friends and someone at another table brought an instrument of some sort and quietly played for their table, or the restaurant had live music that evening.  Ocassionally, some or all of my Turkish friends would begin humming along or make a comment about a song. Then out of nowhere a song would start to be played and everyone in the restaurant begins passionately singing.

Enes and I were coming home from a friend’s house the other night and we were walking through a backstreet of a neighborhood. We walked past a Kebab Restaurant and all of the sudden a choir of voices could be heard coming from the front door … I had to go peek my head in to see…

Sure enough, there was a man sitting at a table of about 10, playing his saz and he had the whole restaurant belting out in song.

Sigh…..someday I hope to sing along…

Swimming at Phasaelis

March 27, 2011

Swimming at Phasaelis, originally uploaded by daniademirci.

I’m seriously looking forward to summertime and swimming in the Med!

Turkish Recipes: Hamsi

March 24, 2011

Enes is an amazing cook…especially when it comes to making fish.  Its taken me a while to eat fish “Turkish Style” with the skin and sometimes with the fish eyes still looking at me as I’m digging in to a lovely meal. I’m learning there are all kinds of different fish you can catch in different parts of Turkey and that the best ones are caught in the Black Sea.

Enes came home from the pazar with a half kilo (1 lb) of Hamsi, or anchovys, that he bought for a total of 2.50 TL.  Turks in the Black Sea region love Hamsi, so much so that if you refer to Hamsi as a “fish” you will be reprimanded…they are not fish, they are Hamsi.

The way Enes prepares them is by taking two fish, deboning them, and sticking them together with the skin sides out, then covering them with a mixture of corn flour and a pinch of salt, then frying them up in sunflower oil. They are like candy…it might also have to do with the lemon-olive oil-garlic sauce that he makes to pour over them. They melt in your mouth!

He made another version that he didn’t debone, but just covered the fish with corn flour and then fried them in the pan. I wasn’t a big fan because its work to have to debone a little fish and eat it. As I was telling Enes I like the fish you can just pop in your mouth, he takes the boned Hamsi and eats the whole thing bone and all. THAT I cannot do… it’s beyond my comfort level, I mean, I just got used to eating fish with the skin on them.

If you ever have the opportunity to try these, they are delicious!


Decluttering Project: The Plan

March 22, 2011

I ran across the Decluttering Project at Making This Home by Katie,an expat living part time in America and part time in Germany. This project is a call to simplify. I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week. Enes and I both are always looking for ways to live simply, talking about the things that we need and the things we want, which are two very different things. I think this applies to things in my home as well as activities in my life. Sometimes, my time is spent doing so many different things that I can’t do any of them whole heartedly or to the standard I would like to do them. I’m making plans to declutter my life and my home over the next month or so…I can’t wait to start!

I’d like to think of myself as a pretty simple person. I don’t like having lots of “stuff” and if I haven’t used something in a while or something doesn’t have a “purpose”, it’s usually pretty easy for me to give it to someone, donate it or throw it in the trash. But there are always the exceptions and those special treasures or things you’ve poured so much of yourself into that its hard to let it go.

I’m taking it a little at a time, breaking the project into pieces to make it manageable instead of insanely overwhelming. I want to throw time in to reflect on how I can declutter my life as well in the midst of cleaning out my house.  I’ll think it will go something like this:

Living Room

Books & Magazines

Electronics and Extras


Personal Reflection: What am I spending my time on now and how do I want it to change?


Drawers: Utensils & Gadgets

Cabinets: Cookware

Cabinets: Glasses & Dishes

Pantry & Refrigerator: Food

Personal Reflection: What can I do to make said changes?


Storage in the Bed

Summer clothes

Winter clothes

Hobbies: Fishing

Hobbies: Crafts


Personal Reflection: Progress Report

That’s a start for now. Much like my life in Turkey is constantly changing, I’m sure this project will take on other aspects and change as I go. I’ll keep you posted…

Favorite Things to Do in Cappdocia – Part III

March 18, 2011

This is Part III of some of my favorite things to do in Cappadocia. Check out Part I and Part II for more info on fun things to do in Cappadocia.

Hot Air Balloons

I’m just going to say a few things about the Hot Air Balloon Rides over Cappadocia:

  1. It is awesome and beautiful. Do it!
  2. If you are a budget traveler and can’t bring yourself to spend the cash for the flight, get up early and go watch from the ridge in Goreme as the hot air balloons take off and fill the sky at sunrise. Seriously, its amazing…
  3. Here are pictures to prove it!

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